Trends In Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the method of attracting attention or traffic using social networking sites. The unstoppable growth in the use of social networks is motivating advertising trends, custom – designed new patterns as the use of mobile devices or online interaction.

This fact is confirmed by the data from various consumer media studies, where reports that the nine o"clock to twelve o"clock, remains at high percentages switching times of digital users through devices such as smartphone, tablet, and computers (laptop/desktop).

It is not surprising to find that different brands are very interested in finding consumers behind social networks and it seems that it is proving its commercial curiosity, because according to market research company eMarketer, ad spending on social networks reached $25 billion last 2015 and its growth is projected in 2017, to reach $41 billion.

Against this, it is necessary to list developments that social media platforms implemented to improve the performance of advertising they sell.

Interaction with other applications and platforms

The commitment to get out of the registered user base led to the development of network and allows Facebook audience through native advertising or banners, campaigns bring brands to other applications and not only reach users Facebook assets. These type of campaigns are designed to take advantage of this network, without creating new creative material for different platforms.

Using content as new digital marketing strategy

Use of content on social networks like new digital marketing strategy such as local SEO leads these platforms to create products that allow users greater partition with brands through stories. An example of this strategy is the stories of Snapchat. Recently the company launched an event calling its users to make short stories, which were evaluated by personalities like actors Jessica Alba and Steve Buscemi or DJ Steve Aoki.

Work for international audiences

Pinterest recognizes that it has more than half of its 100 million users outside the United States. To take advantage of this trend, it is developing a service called “Featured Collections" that allows brands who want to reach the markets of Germany, France, England, Japan, and Brazil, be seen within a selection made by the editors of options in these countries, when a user uses the search engine.

Digital advertising is taking an increasingly toned body in profits together with companies responsible for these platforms, developments are moving in the denominator of which there are international audiences and products. The difference of the latter lies in the way they are integrated with a pattern of interaction clearly defined by new lifestyles of consumers online.