Basic Local SEO Strategies for Small Businesses

How the world conducts, business has been drastically changed by online marketing Customers no longer need to go to a physical shop or read through a catalog magazine to buy what they want. They just need to go online and order hat they need, even groceries can be purchased online nowadays. They can now access millions of products with few clicks of a button.

Although this is convenient for consumers, this has changed the world of marketing. The trend is now shifting to digital marketing as opposed to the traditional method. An enormous amount of cash is spent on SEO marketing because the first page of Google has now become a prime “real estate" so to speak.

Just like in traditional marketing, companies with bigger marketing budget has the advantage. However, in online marketing, the playing field is more level which gives a chance to smaller companies. Although it is still difficult for small companies to compete with multinational companies in a global scale, they have a fighting chance in their home turf. By focusing their marketing efforts in their local area, they will have an advantage over bigger companies. People are still patriotic enough to support the local business. However, those local businesses should be found on the web. Small shops should improve their online presence so that they can promote their products and services to the majority of consumers. By employing local SEO, smaller businesses can compete online in the local stage.

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What is Local SEO?

As the name implies, it is an SEO strategy that promotes a website to web users in a specific area in a real-time manner. Local SEO uses business directories such as Superpages, Yellowbook, Foursquare, Google My Business listing, Yelp, and Bing Places for Business page to improve the online presence in a specific area. It also uses online reviews, localized content, and other strategies.

Aside from targeting a specific area, this marketing approach also makes sure that your website will only be seen by potential customers who are looking for the products or service that you offer. You can consult specialists in search engine optimization in Fernandina Beach if you want expert"s opinion. You won"t waste any resources on people who don"t need your business

Local SEO Strategies That Work For Small Business

Dominate Long-tail Keywords

Be specific with your keywords by defining your products with some details. General keywords are very popular and will get you to compete directly with big players. Aside from being detailed with your keywords, you can also add specific town and other description so you will have a keyword with less competition. Choose keywords that best describes your company, then organize your site to increase website traffic using those specific keywords.

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Use Google+ Local Listings

This program is an excellent Google tool to help smaller shops. This is an upgrade of Google Places and it is an effective way to expose your business in your local area. Creating an account for Google Plus business page is quick and straightforward. If you have not created a page yet, go ahead and do it now. It will be 10 minutes well spent for your business. After creating the account, you can also optimize your page using the strategies mentioned above. You can also link your Google account to your website and social networking account.

Be Updated with the Trend

Nowadays having a website and various online accounts like Google Plus page is no longer an option but a necessity. People will wonder if they see that your business doesn"t have social media accounts. Also since your customers are on Facebook and social networking sites, it is wise that your company should also have a presence there. You will also be at a big disadvantage if your customers can"t find you using their smartphones. Consumers nowadays will just leave your site immediately if it is not mobile device friendly. If you keep up with the changing world, you can project your business as an organization that is updated, innovative and modern.

Local business is not a dying race; they just need to change their marketing strategy. Small companies are still vital to the local economy as they were a few decades ago. They will continue to remain in business as long as they use local SEO strategies. The internet is a very big and there is a place for everybody, even the small companies.